Bold Colours, Grandma’s Wedding Gown & a heap of fun at this Templewood House Wedding // Shauna & Nick

After being in a wedding with James as the photographer I knew that he was who we would have. James manages to get great photos without intruding on the day. Both my husband and I felt relaxed and the photos captured us having a great day and captured us (not posed people)! Cannot recommend James more.

Shauna & Nick

Shauna wore the wedding gown both her grandmother and her mum wore.

Her grandmother told me that fact more than 5 times throughout the day.

This was a super fun Templewood House Wedding – very relaxed, and a heap of fun. Both in the personalities of the couple, their friends and the styling.

I love working with videographer Sam from Lightwise and Ash Gale the musician too – good hangs were had that night.