A rainy day full of family, love and greyhounds at this Oddio Wedding // Miki & Alex

Miki & Alex start every Saturday with a sunrise dog walk and a coffee at their local, so that’s how we started their Oddio wedding day.

With a first look at home, we shared a cuppa with the dogs before a few photos in the rain on the way to Oddio in Bowden. The perfect venue for these two who created the most unfussy wedding I’ve been to in recent memory.

The collection of photos is perfect. You did such an amazing job capturing the progression of the day and the vibe at each point…

…photos are amazing and everybody was in awe of how you took them without being seen or heard and as a result they are such a true reflection of the energy of the night. You were an excellent fly on the wall.

We are SO appreciative

Alex & Miki

Questions from the Couple about their Oddio Wedding


Tell me about your The Beginning

We met at a house party after we both found ourselves in a conversation with a mutual friend, Tom. There was a flower crown and treasure hunt involved in our first date. Tom has since said he had never thought of us as a couple and hence had never thought to introduce us. He’s the kind of guy who is good at everything, so it’s a relief to have discovered that he’s a terrible wingman.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Neither of us fancy ourselves as event stylists so we chose a venue that we already loved the look of and would require minimal creative talent and time on our part. Oddio is a space with the perfect vibe, we didn’t have to change a thing.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Sharing moments of deep gratitude and happiness & some outrageous silliness on the dancefloor.

Any Top Tips?

Mikaela: As the wedding date approaches, there’ll be a relatively steady stream of random to-do’s that pop into your head. Have a notes app on your phone with the following titles: “before 8 weeks out (from wedding)”, “8 weeks out”, “4 weeks out”, “1 week out”, and “day before”. As to-do’s come to mind, add them under the heading they belong. It turns a very long overwhelming to-do list into something much more manageable that doesn’t need to all be done right now.

Alex: Put Mikaela in charge

James is sensational and we love our wedding photos so much. His commitment to providing the most amazing photos is evident in everything he does: thoughtful planning, commitment to being there from the very beginning to the very end (18 hour day!!), his ability to blend in (this is actually freaky good – we did not notice him at all during the ceremony and then we got the photos and he has us at every angle).

Multiple guests have commented on

(1) the beautiful photos that capture the essence of the moments perfectly, and also

(2) how James went about it – nobody felt like they were being photographed – he just cruised around under the radar capturing the most special moments. Would recommend him in a heartbeat to anybody needing a photographer.

Alex & Miki