The most ‘extra’ wedding (their words) I’ve been to in a long time. So much fun at Kingsford The Barossa // Firlie & Raegan

Thank you again, – each time we look through them all we just love them more and more. So incredibly special to have such a HUGE volume of photos to remember such an epic weekend. You did such a wonderful job, thank you. 

Firlie & Raegan

Firlie and Raegan weren’t great at saying no to their own and each other’s ideas, so most of the big and fun ideas put on the table got green-lit. Including the venue, the multiple outfits & accessories, (and multiple first-looks) the bagpipes,  Dorinda Hafner as the celebrant, the nine-piece band, and the signature cocktails. It was such a fun, manic Kingsford the Barrosa Wedding. An absolute blast to shoot, and to be a part of. 

The weekend was all about quality family time with all the most important people around us.

We also only did something if it felt meaningful to us as a couple. The cocktails were our favourite drinks, the wines were local wines that we loved. The food was about sharing and talking to the person across the table from you. The band played music that we loved. Nothing was chosen for Instagram, it was all about us a couple.

All the planning of the individual elements was exactly how we wanted it (two women organising an event, we got things done!) We could never predict how it all came together, and on the day, it was better than could have imagined!