An Electric (Despite the 12hr Blackout) Hot Summer Wedding at Barristers Block // Russell & Alice

When I arrived early in the morning, the power had been out since last night and wasn’t going to be back on for hours.

The girls were staying at the accommodation on site and didn’t have access to hot showers, and due to the chaos of the previous night, there was a bunch of setup that still needed doing at the venue. I didn’t take many photos that morning as it was all hands on deck – stringing up lights, and setting up tables for this Barristers Block Wedding

Despite the stressful morning, Alice was in super positive spirits, and we had a rocking day. I’ve shot a bunch of weddings for this friend group – they’re a heap of fun to hang out with.

Thanks for sending through the photos of our wedding! They look fantastic! Alice and I really appreciated your relaxed approach to the day.

We wanted to say a special thank you for all that you did for us. In particular, coming out to climb ladders and hang lights in the morning, fix printers and I even heard your shirt tailoring services were required at some point during the reception!


Russell & Alice